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SIDRA MUMTAZ emerged on the contemporary clothing scene in the fall of 2013, starting off from Karachi, the highlight wonder of Pakistan with an ideology to set apart style, elegance and sophistication in the form of Pret Wear Kurtas and Complete three piece outfits.

Talking firmly about the brands main signature style, SIDRA MUMTAZ is accustomed to product intricate Floral concepts. With a strong focus set on the fusion of both eastern and western styles, every article of SIDRA MUMTAZ stands as a representation of a much established story line, a theme complied with a proper mood board.

In the years to follow, SIDRA MUMTAZ originated Bespoke Collection that signifies luxurious evening/semi-formal wear. It was a leap from Pret wear to Formal section but, with a clear ideology to grow at every turn, SIDRA MUMTAZ accomplished this milestone with precision and diligence.

Considering milestones, the next set milestone is set out to be the accessories section of SM. Recently introduced – the line of handbags, clutches and digital printed scarves have started to make their mark beautifully. The standard of quality compliments international measures, while keeping true to the fusion ideology of eastern culture with a bit of modernism in it.